ID Elegant Black English


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ID Elegant Black English

Linked to medical profile In your profile, you can save all emergency contacts, insurance details, health status, medications, and other information. It is possible to store files (such as insurance, scanned medical records, etc.)


  • We also recommendfor travellers abroad.
  • It is especially suitable for those of you who do not fit everything they need on a classic bracelet.
  • The advantage over the classic labracelet - you can change the information at any time as needed (for example when traveling) and you do not have to buy a ID.
  • More about the medical profile here.

Payment for online medical profile:
2 MONTHS FREE. If you want to continue to use your profile in the system, then you will be charged EUR 3.9 per month and profile (possibility to pay 1 year, 1/2 year or 3 months).
You will be notified of the expiration of the free period 1 month in advance, with the option of paying the following period.
If you want to stop using the system, you simply do not pay for another period.

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